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Los Manglares en Utila

El 26 de julio se celebra el Día Internacional de la defensa del Ecosistema Manglar. Día a día existen organizaciones que impulsan la conciencia ambiental para el cuidado y protección de este ecosistema. La destrucción de manglares no solo afecta a la naturaleza, también a los asentamientos humanos que se encuentran en zonas aledañas aContinue reading “Los Manglares en Utila”

Pumpkin Hill Beach Clean Up

Pumpkin Hill became the point of focus. Monthly beach cleanings were started this year with a problem, more plastic was found than normal on Pumpkin Hill beach, one more concern for Utila. The problem of plastic in Utila arises from the amount of marine life that is being affected. Diving centers report large amounts ofContinue reading “Pumpkin Hill Beach Clean Up”

Red mangrove! Collecting and planting seeds

Utila is the third largest island in Honduras that consists of two-thirds of plains, occupied by wetlands, where swamps and mangroves dominate. These wetlands are particularly interesting for their highly diversified mosaic organization and original plant associations. (Bak & Claude, 2002). With the exception of its eastern, volcanic, and narrow sandy or rocky strip, onContinue reading “Red mangrove! Collecting and planting seeds”

Ctenosaura bakeri monitoring

The Bay Islands Marine Park, located in Utila in the Bay Islands department and is characterized by having an immense amount of reefs, marine biodiversity, is also characterized by being covered with mangrove forest with wetlands that develop in salt water or freshwater and endemic species among the most important is the black iguana (StephenContinue reading “Ctenosaura bakeri monitoring”

Beaches clean up

Utila is one of the three main islands of the bay island department in Honduras. This island is recognized as a sanctuary for marine life, in addition, to be declared as the best place to practice diving due to the environmental balance with which the island has.  Marine life on the island is being affectedContinue reading “Beaches clean up”