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Pumpkin Hill Beach Clean Up

Pumpkin Hill became the point of focus. Monthly beach cleanings were started this year with a problem, more plastic was found than normal on Pumpkin Hill beach, one more concern for Utila.

The problem of plastic in Utila arises from the amount of marine life that is being affected. Diving centers report large amounts of plastic within the sea every month and it is killing hundreds of marine animals in the sector.  This time, staff members and two volunteers from Bay Islands Foundation were the ones who helped clean Pumpkin Hill Beach in January. Providing the opportunity for marine life to start a year with a beach cleanse that allows them to reduce the chances of being harmed.

Our job is to protect the environment, let´s try to reduse plastic.

Published by Iguana Research & Breeding Station

The Iguana Research & Breeding Station is a project of the Bay Islands Foundation, a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated for the conservation and research of the fragile species and ecosystems of Honduras.

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