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Keep track with our latest findings from our wildlife and mangrove research studies. Our Utila Spiny-tailed Iguana monitoring study is the longest research on this species ever done!


Our conservation work integrates the results from our research program and is carried out with help of the island’s community and our team of volunteers.


Our team of international and local is the backbone of our project. Without their help, we couldn’t reach our goals.

  • Our board of directors meet regularly to monitor the progress of our activities and integrate new information in the decision making process in order for our programs to reach a higher number of beneficiaries and also help nature get back on her feet.
Nature Oriented

We serve by nature

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Community Outreach

For decades we have worked hand by hand with the community of Utila, advising decision makers and sharing our information with the local youth.

About Us

The Iguana Research & Breeding Station is a project of the Bay Islands Foundation, a non-profit organization supported by independent donors.

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(504) 2425-3946

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