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Beaches clean up

Utila is one of the three main islands of the bay island department in Honduras. This island is recognized as a sanctuary for marine life, in addition, to be declared as the best place to practice diving due to the environmental balance with which the island has.  Marine life on the island is being affected by a poorly called plastic caused by the low importance of people in caring for the environment. Utila is an island that works hard for the care of its flora, fauna and habitats among which the beaches are located. Remembering that it is visited during seasons by turtles, dolphins, whale shark among other marine animals that may be affected by plastics and other garbage.

In the face of this concern different organizations, volunteers, dive centers and the community in general develop beach clean-up frequently and thus help this island be considered pro-environmental care.

As an organization, Bay Islands Foundation through FFI funding, it conducts daily clean-up campaigns on three of Utila’s most important beaches, Chepe´s Beach, Pumpkin Hill Beach and Neptunes Beach. During each beach clean-up, volunteers are invited to share the cleaning, material collection experience and other, so they can see the damage done at each location. In September the cleaning of the aforementioned beaches began, this time with the participation of two staff members and three interns.

Pumpkin Hill Beach
Trash and brands classification

Published by Iguana Research & Breeding Station

The Iguana Research & Breeding Station is a project of the Bay Islands Foundation, a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated for the conservation and research of the fragile species and ecosystems of Honduras.

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