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Defeating COVID-19

Defeating Covid-19 together.

Thanks to the support provided by Flora and Fauna International together with Marfund, the taxi drivers who are part of the transportation sector on the island of Utila, will be equipped with face masks, hand sanitizer, and quaternary ammonium, allowing the units to work with all bio measure security.

We are sure that the Tuk-Tuks from Utila are prepared to activate tourism.

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Combatiendo el Covid-19 juntos.

Gracias al apoyo brindado por Flora y Fauna Internacional junto a Marfund, se logró equipar con mascarillas, gel antibacterial y amonio cuaternario a los taxistas que forman parte del rubro transporte en la isla de Utila, permitiendo que las unidades puedan laborar con todas las medidas de bio seguridad.

Estamos seguros que los Tuk-Tuk de Utila estan preparados para activar el turismo.

Published by Iguana Research & Breeding Station

The Iguana Research & Breeding Station is a project of the Bay Islands Foundation, a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated for the conservation and research of the fragile species and ecosystems of Honduras.

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